The Sage's Cupboard
Egyptian and tribal inspired beadwork jewelry creations.
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Art. Mythology.
The Sage's Cupboard
Egyptian art portrait

I made this while listening to Ancient Egypt Documentaries, so I learned about the subject I was drawing while working on it.
Desert Night Rings
Black, golden orange, and terracotta brown glass beads.

Sphinx of Amenhotep III, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, ca. 1390–1352 B.C

He that comes from nowhere #Khepri #scarab #beetle #Egyptology #sun #god #amulet

Just a random egyptian guy portraotit

La tombe du Prince Khaemouaset (VdR 44) dans la Vallée des Reines (Thèbes ouest, Egypte) (by dalbera) (Prince Khaemwaset’s tomb, QV44, in the Valley of the Queens.)

A funerary model of tillage 
Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty (1990-1786 BCE)
Located at the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon
Photo taken by Rama
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Outer Coffin, Tomb of Sennedjem, Deir el Medina. Sennedjem had the title ‘Servant in the Place of Truth’ lived during the reigns of Seti I Ramsses II of Egypt’s Dynasty 19

Hypostyle hall of the memorial temple of Ramesses II, Luxor, Egypt by sdhaddow

Sarcophagus of a woman named Artemidora, Roman Egypt, 90-100 A.D.